Green Lane, Maghull

The original site that was purchased extended to circa 127 acres. After some disposals, there is now an area of 36 acres that is currently being promoted through the Sefton Local Plan. The site is being promoted in conjunction with Anwyl Land, which currently has a promotion agreement over the site. The site is envisioned to deliver significant levels of affordable housing as well as local infrastructure to the town of Maghull, Liverpool.

Sandbach Road, Congleton

The land at Sandbach Road, which extends to 13 acres, was purchased in 2005. The site is on the edge of town and lies close to the completed Congleton Bypass, making it an ideal residential development for the future. The site lies within the Cheshire East Local Authority and initial representations are being made to the local council. It is envisioned that the site will come forward for circa 130 units in the coming years.

Hyams Lane, Holbrook

In conjunction with Rubix Estates, LandFirst are promoting an 18-acre site with a landowner in Holbrook. The site is off Hyams Lane and is a walking distance from the local primary school, shops and services, making it a logical extension to the village of Holbrook. The site will be promoted through the Local Plan for an allocation. LandFirst will then look to submit a Planning Application & Dispose of the site to a developer.

Prebend Lane, Welton

The site extends to approximately 46 acres and is located in Welton, a suburb of Lincoln. A former joint venture company Beal Capricorn collaborated with Beal Developments to secure planning consent for circa 350 units. The site is now being developed by Beal Developments.

Tarn Lane, Shadwell

Tarn Lane is a 17-acre site situated on the eastern edge of Leeds and to the north of Shadwell. The site adjoins the Brandon Hall Golf Course at the southern end and is currently subject to a grazing licence. It is envisioned that the site will come out of the Green Belt in the longer term, and will form part of a larger urban extension of Leeds.

The Pry, Purton

A 20-acre parcel of land that is currently on the Western edge of Swindon. The site forms part of a wider parcel of land (circa 300 acre) that was allocated in the 2008 Draft Regional Spatial Strategy for Wiltshire. The site could come forward as part of a wider allocation, but also has an independent access route, of the B354. It is envisioned that the site will be part of a larger housing scheme that will deliver significant community and infrastructure benefits to Swindon.

Pebsham Lane, Bexhill

A parcel of land just over 6 acres, the site is situated within the Rother District Council and adjoins a local residential development. The site was bought to be promoted in the shorter term for perhaps 10-15 high-value dwellings that would be sold to a local developer. The vision is to promote a high-value, lower-density scheme that would blend in with the wider landscape and add to the wider Pebsham Lane community.