Experts in the Strategic Land Market

As experts in the freehold acquisition of land strategic land, we have a proven track record of enhancing values for landowners. Following an acquisition of a site, we work with reputed parties to a see a site through to a successful attainment of a planning consultant.

LandFirst provide a unique solution to landowners by specialising in both freehold acquisition & the promotion of sites. Continually active in the strategic land market, we are always seeking to work with our landowners.


Who we work with

LandFirst work with best-in-class external consultants, legal advisers and promoters to deliver a seamless end-to-end service.

Who we help

In simple terms, LandFirst provide a service to landowners by allowing them to release their liquidity and sell a strategic site. In addition to this, we are also specialised in promoting sites through the planning system to a residential consent and subsequent sale. Using highly specialised industry expertise and market knowledge, we work with agents, promoters and developers to help progress greenfield sites through to a successful planning consent and onto an end user.



Unlock the value of your land. We here are to help, advise and assist you — whatever your requirements may be.

Land agents

We work with selected agents in rural and urban areas and are continually looking to expand our national network. Please get in touch with us for more information.


We are land investors and promoters. Whilst we carry out planning value additions to our sites as well as on our 3rd Party Landowner sites, we, on certain sites, will work with best-in-class promoters to progress land through the planning system and to achieve a subsequent consent.


We are not developers and do not intend to build out any of our sites. Once consent is achieved, we work with nationally reputed developers to dispose of the site in the most efficient manner possible.